Squid Vicious-Lead Guitar

Has toured and recorded with Santana, Harvey Mandel & The Caribbean Allstars to name a few. He has performed live with Greg Allman, Debora Iyall, Sly Stone and many others. Squid is a San Franciscan native who is a dynamic, fluid and expressive guitar player. A sound that is  

subtle in manner while combined with expression and tone that are all his own. 

Jeffro Sunn-Guitar & Vocals

Having co-founded the bands Colored Rain, Plastic Feedback & Plan Be, which offered multiple decades of performing, recording and song writing opportunities, Jeffro's collaboration with Squid over a 20 year period has resulted in the creation of over 200 songs. Jeffro's unique and expressive vocal approach, combined with his rhythm guitar, ranging from nuanced too driving , plays an important part of defining Jeffro Squid's sound.

MADCOW BOY- Bass Guitar

Richard Delamater has played guitar and Bass with a number of Bay Area bands over the years. Richard is a creatively talented musician bringing a great rhythmic presence combined with a sonic dimension that is truly unique. An anchor that is locked steady with the percusion, while fluid and melodic. 

​Anthony Flores-Drums & Percussion

A rhythmic player who can both anchor and provide the pop and dynamics of a great professional drummer. Having played with Plastic Feedback, Cold Mourning, and sharing his skills with The Tri Corner Tent Show, Anthony has been able to hone his skills over years of playing. Anthony's multi dynamic skills are an important ingredient for Jeffry Squid's sound.

Rooted & steeped in the sounds of American Rock & Roll, Jeffro Squid has an original, dynamic and exciting sound. Their songs possess a driving energy, born of our times. A sense of urgency permeates the music's core. Influences upon their sound are wide and varied, channeled into a texture all their own. Part of the launching pad for Jeffro Squid's own lyrical, melodic and rhythmically enhanced frontier.

Check out Break The Mirror- t​he new CD due for release this summer 

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